Top 5 Whey Proteins Isolate Supplements in India



Whey protein has gained unparalleled popularity in the past few years. Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or you’re a bodybuilder, including whey protein isolate supplement in your diet will be greatly beneficial.

Whey protein is a fast acting protein obtained from whey – the liquid substance obtained during the cheese-making process. Whey protein is further processed and that’s when you get whey isolate and whey concentrate.

Whey isolate is a kind of whey protein which is more pure, has less lactose, fat, and carbohydrates, and more protein content. Because of its concentrated nutrient content, whey isolate is more expensive as compared to its counterparts. For best results you can take these supplements before or after your workout sessions. Mix one scoop of whey isolate with water or slim milk for a quick protein shake.


Listing the best 5 whey protein isolate powders online in India.

1.  Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93

When talking about some of the best whey isolate supplements in India, Ultimate Nutrition cannot be missed. Iso Sensation 93 provides 93% of protein per serving. It is a great supplement if you want to build muscles, add lean muscle weight, and reduce fat tissues from your body. The protein in it is 100% Iso chill whey protein for best results. Some of the flavors that are available in this supplement are – banana ice cream, vanilla bean, chocolate fudge, cookies and cream, and café Brazil.

Some of the main benefits are – it facilitates faster muscle recovery after strenuous workouts, it is the best way to add pure and high quality protein to your diet, it consists of glutamine complex which is greatly helpful in muscle recovery, and it is perfect for people who want to lose weight and gain muscle mass without adding any fat content to their body.

2.   Nutrabay Pure Series Whey Protein Isolate

Nutrabay whey protein is one of the best whey isolate supplements available online in India. It is especially formulated to provide a rich source of protein that promotes muscle growth and faster recovery. In each scoop of 30 grams supplement, it provides 25 grams of protein and 5.8 grams of BCAAs. It is available in a host of delicious flavors – café mocha, vanilla ice cream, rich chocolate crème, strawberry milkshake.

Nutrabay whey protein is made with high quality imported protein, has no added sugar, no banned substances, is gluten free, heavy metal tested, and is tested for purity.

3.  Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100 Whey Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition (ON) is considered to be one of the most popular brands for whey protein all over the world. The ON Gold Standard 100% whey powder provides the purest form of protein for your daily requirements. The good thing about this supplement is that you get ultra-filtered whey protein isolate that’s super easy to digest and gets absorbed quickly into the body.

Each serving of 30 grams provides 24 grams of protein. This particular supplement is also great because it mixes easily and you can make lump free shakes. It is available in various different flavors – vanilla ice cream, strawberry banana, double rich chocolate, coffee, chocolate mint, chocolate malt, cookies and cream, and delicious strawberry.

4.  Isopure Zero Carb 100 Whey Protein Isolate Powder

Isopure Zero Carb 100 is an excellent whey isolate supplement for lean muscle development and faster muscle recovery. It is keto friendly and contains zero carbohydrates. Since it is an extremely low calorie supplement it enhances lean muscle building and is great if you want a toned body without adding any extra fat. It is available in various delicious flavors like – banana cream, cookies and cream, creamy vanilla, and strawberries and cream. Each serving of 31 grams provides 25 grams of protein and is also loaded with minerals and vitamins.

5.  Dyamtize Iso 100 Protein

Dyamtize Iso 100 protein is one of the bestselling whey isolate supplements available in India. It contains 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that facilitates quick absorption and digestion. Each serving of 30 grams provides 25 grams of protein. It also has a high BCAA content to provide all essential amino acids needed by the body for quick recovery. Some of the flavors of this whey protein isolate supplement are – fudge brownie, gourmet chocolate, strawberry, and gourmet vanilla. It is great for bodybuilders who are looking to gain lean muscle, want quick recovery, and do not want to add any extra fat tissues to their body.

The main benefits are – decreases muscle soreness, low fat and lactose content, gluten free, reduces blood pressure, supports cardiovascular health, and promotes muscle growth.

You can easily order all these whey proteins from Nutrabay. Read customer reviews, compare prices, and get these supplements delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle.

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